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help please

From: Spliethof Brian L 1stLt AFIT/ENG
Subject: help please
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 10:55:31 -0400

I was wondering if you could either help me out or at least point me in the 
right direction.
Problem: I'm a graduate student with very little C/C++ experience, but I have 
the need to use the makefile software to unpack and load someon elses software 
(in the instructions for the software it says just rune make then the file 
What I've done so far: 

*       I have loaded on my machine Visual studio 6. I downloaded the make 3.80 
tar file unloaded it and placed the uncompressed files in c:\make directory.
*       I opened the readme file for w32 (I'm running XP) and followed the 
instructions for installing it
*       I went to the c++\bin directory and ran the VCVARS32.bat 
*       then I ran the nmake /f NMakefile (this didn't work)
*       So I ran the build_w32.bat (it went a little farther but still failed) 

I also tried this on a windows 2000 machine to see if maybe it was the OS and 
the same thing happened. Can you offer any assistance or words of wizdom, I've 
spent about 4 days trying before asking for help, I'm getting close to my 
deadline and thinking maybe I should try and find an alternative. Thanks in 

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