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Re: [PATCH 2/2] Do not use DOS paths on Cygwin

From: Pavel Fedin
Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/2] Do not use DOS paths on Cygwin
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 22:04:44 +0400

Hello, Eli.

Monday, August 5, 2013, 18:44:17 you wrote:

> I don't yet understand why you have a problem in the first place.  It
> sounds like the single issue is with the 'abspath' function, is that
> correct?

 Yes, correct.

 2 Christopher Faylor:

> ac_cv_dos_paths=no configure
> works just fine and does not require a command-line switch.


> I assume that the first time you wouldn't know about a command-line
> switch either.  Sometimes you have to do research.

 Yes,  but  if this switch defaults to no on Cygwin, then i would
not have to bother. Only those who want customized make with DOS paths
would bother.
 At the other hand, according to your own logic, if we just change Cygwin's 
result for this test, then

ac_cv_dos_paths=yes configure

would also work for building customized version.

 But,   okay,   okay...   I  see,  you  are  extremely  conservative.
 Okay,     i   just   wanted   to   make  the  little  thing  cleaner.
AFAIK  configure's  purpose  is  to set up the source for building for
particular  system,  and  it  should  do  all  adjustments  which  are
necessary  to  build  the  100%  working  program. Customization (like
enabling DOS paths for UNIXish environment) IMHO should not be done by
 But you are Masters, and if you completely disagree with me, let it be. I'm 
just a single
person,   and  you are (at least) two. And you are maintainers and not
me. And i am completely out of more arguments, so i retreat. I won't bother you 
with this particular issue
any   more,   unless  you  become  interested and explicitly ask me or
suggest something.

 Kind regards,
 Pavel                          mailto:address@hidden

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