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Re: 1.4.4 doesnt recognize all pdisk partitions

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: 1.4.4 doesnt recognize all pdisk partitions
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 12:15:49 -0200

Ethan Benson wrote:
> Drive setup did not consistently use the name Extra for Apple_Free
> partitions, when you leave a space unallocated it leaves the name set
> to untitled X where X is a number.  i tend to think this is a bug or
> just an artifact of the way it does the partition naming, it does NOT
> allow you to change the names, it just allocates untitled X for each
> partition, X being 1-8 depending on which menu item you choose (1
> partition, 2 partitions, 3.....)

Ah.  So a hypothetical test for "Extra" wouldn't work.  You'd need
to test for a lot more.

> in short its impossible to keep valid data on an Apple_Free partition,
> not safely anyway, all partitioners will quietly destroy them,
> regardless of the name.  leave parted as it is, its doing the Right
> Thing.

You've convinced me.

However, is there a "way out" for people in olaf's situation?  Should
we tell people in the Parted documentation:
* Parted doesn't display Apple_Free partitions
* Parted will delete/create Apple_Free partitions as it wishes
* if you have data on an Apple_Free partition (!), you should
use pdisk to change the partition from Apple_Free to something
sennsible (like Apple_UNIX_SVR2)

Andrew Clausen

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