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Re: Compiling parted

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: Compiling parted
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:05:34 -0200

Dan Knapp wrote:
> > You also need the e2fsprogs-devel package.  This contains headers, and
> > static libraries.
>   Ahh, thanks, that got it working.  (If anybody has this problem in future,
> the packages Debian needs are e2fslibs-dev and uuid-dev.)  So, the result:
> it prints the partition table correctly, and the result appears to agree
> with what fdisk (which is the only tool I've seen that doesn't care about
> cylinder boundaries) prints.

s/is/was/, hehe.  It doesn't have to do anything interesting with

>   What is the issue here, exactly?  I can imagine that the structure of some
> loop might make it easier to be sure that code was bugless for
> cylinder-aligned partitions, or something...  Or is it just the check itself?
> Are there any non-destructive ways that I can help in testing or finishing
> the implementation of support for non-cylinder-aligned partitions?  (I'm
> willing to write code, if someone else can test it...)

The problem is metadata allocation.  You need to allocate it in a
place, which won't overlap with other partitions.

It isn't much work to have the same thing working with 1.4.x.  Just some
more fun with the constraint solver, hehe...

Andrew Clausen

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