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Re: Cloning problems (Was: Need comments on my 'Parted as Norton g

From: andreas t
Subject: Re: Cloning problems (Was: Need comments on my 'Parted as Norton g
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 20:08:53 -0000

>--from  Andrew  Clausen  <address@hidden>--
>What  version  of  fdisk?    (Is  it  really  msdos?    "real"  msdos,
> as  opposed
>to  >=  Windows  95  doesn't  support  LBA,  so  that  might  be  the
> problem)

DOS 7.0 in Win98 se. It has never been a problem before in this aspect.

>I  have  never  heard  of  Xosl.    Perhaps  it  doesn't  support  LBA?

Oh, it does. It's a very nice boot manager.

>Could  you  send  the  output  of  the  parted  print  command?

I will soon. I am conducting some experiments with parted on my test machine 
right now so I will send a print log later.

What are the guide lines for creating a new FAT32 partition? I want it to cover 
the whole disk but Parted lets me define the size several megabytes larger than 
what fdisk or ranish partition manager seem to let me do. Can this be a 
problem? That the partition I create simply is too big? Should I leave some 
space at the end instead?

kind regards

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