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Bug in Parted 1.4.21?

From: andreas t
Subject: Bug in Parted 1.4.21?
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 18:17:18 -0000

Hello Andrew,

I have been using Parted 1.4.21 for a while now since we tracked the naughty 
problem with file names containing dots and it works nicely now.

I noticed something tonight though. When I try to create a second primary fat32 
lba partition it is reported as FAT16 lba by other partition tools (and 
Windows98). I did answer "OK" to the Parted's question wether or not to use 
fat32 on the partition.

It's difficult to see what Parted thinks about the partition since 1.4.21 
doesn't report FAT32 when I use print. It just says FAT for all my partitions.

Oh, and as a side note, I think it would be nicer if the user could enter;

mkpartfs primary vfat... or fat32... 

right away instead of Parted suggesting the appropriate file system.

Of course a sanity check is still nice of course if the user would try to force 
an impossible file system.

kind regards

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