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Re: Bug in Parted 1.4.21?

From: andreas t
Subject: Re: Bug in Parted 1.4.21?
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 21:22:17 -0000

>--from  Andrew  Clausen  <address@hidden>--
>>  I  noticed  something  tonight  though.  When  I  try  to  create  a
> second  
>>  primary  fat32  lba  partition  it  is  reported  as  FAT16  lba  by
> other  
>>  partition  tools  (and  Windows98).  I  did  answer  "OK"  to  the
> Parted's  
>>  question  wether  or  not  to  use  fat32  on  the  partition.
>Interesting.    (BTW:  lba  is  irrelevant  in  this  context).
>How  big  is  the  partition?

The first partition is 9GB,second one (which ends up being FAT16) is just over 


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