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RE: Parted 1.5.5-pre4

From: Matt_Domsch
Subject: RE: Parted 1.5.5-pre4
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 22:48:56 -0600

> This version just merges GPT partition table support from 1.4.x.
> Actually, it's almost a complete rewrite.

Excellent!  I'll try to test this some this week.

A couple things that lept out at me:

* gpt_clobber needs to read the gpt first, and use those values if valid
else the defaults.
* references to sectors being 512 bytes should be changed to use
dev->sector_size, and test that it's at least 512, maybe in gpt_probe.  The
only place 512 need be coded is in defining the reserved space at the end of
* I've got an equivalent to the crc32 table that can generate the table at
runtime.  I submitted that code to Linux kernel.  I'll de-kernel-ify it and


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