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Re: Hi Darling 6/12/01 & Return Flight

From: Margaret Clausen
Subject: Re: Hi Darling 6/12/01 & Return Flight
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 18:11:29 +1100 (EST)

> Hi Darling,
> How are you?  How are yu feeling after a so much
> longer flight than your Qantas jaunt last year?  
> Have just got off the phone from Roquel, who said
> that
> the return flight by Qantas would be $2,900 - more
> than the total cost of your ticket - apparently the
> one way fare is a very expensive way of doing things
> -
> she wasn't kidding!  if you want to bring your
> flight
> home forward -it is easy to do this at the United
> airlines office in Brazil - they are required to be
> able to speak English - or Roquel can do it from
> here,
> no problems.  The other possibility is that I find
> out
> how many Qantas Frequent Flier points are needed for
> the one way flight.  ONce you've settled into travel
> mode a bit, let me know your thoughts.
> Felicity phoned early this morning, thinking you
> were
> leaving today and wanting to wish you a wonderful
> trip, and best wishes too, from my cousin Dianne. 
> Had
> lunch with her yesterday as it is her birthday this
> week.
> Tell Ralf the weather has not yet improved - still
> cloudy and rain forcast for this afternoon.  He
> might
> be relieved!
> Can't now even get into email via Linux.  Does that
> mean we won't be able to have Internet Relay Chats? 
> it just brings up a whole lot of grey screens,
> talking
> about the server.  Am glad there is atleast the
> possiblity of this email link.
> No further news about the US Terrorist alert - but
> there is more news critical of US operations in
> Afghanistan and of the US reduction in Human Rights
> within their own borders, and some appropriately
> cynical comment re the corporate as distinct from
> any
> security agenda.  Was intersting on TV last night
> screened a political documentary onthe assassination
> of the Italian political leader Aldo Moro in  1978,
> which had huge CIA involvement and the management of
> the media had more than a passing similarity with
> events today.
> Take care darling.  Love, Mum
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http://shopping.yahoo.com.au - Yahoo! Shopping
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