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GUI for parted? Setting partition types

From: Martin Steigerwald
Subject: GUI for parted? Setting partition types
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 12:52:38 +0100


we recommend GNU Parted to be used to shrink a Windows partition when
installing QNX or a virtual Amiga harddisk in a partition and no free space
is available. 

Although I think Parted is rather easy to manage I think it would be nice to
have some basic UI. Something like the text based UI of cfdisk would be
enough as a start. I think of developing something of my own, but that
depends on the time I can spare and I have no experience in creating Linux
boot disks and doing a GUI from a shell script or something like that. I
want to read into that bootfloppy FAQs out there. 

Another problem I came across. Even when I used Parted to do some initial
partition I had to switch to cfdisk to set certain partition types, since
Parted 1.4.20 does not seem to allow creating a partition with a type it
does not support. It is clear that Parted cant create a filesystem for an
unsupported partition type, but it should be possible to create the
partition. I am speaking of virtual Amiga harddisk in a partition of type
$76 (decimal 118) and the types that are used for QNX partitions. I cant set
these within Parted. 

If Parted supported this it would be possible to get rid of yet another tool
in the partitioning and installation process of AmigaOS XL and this would
ease this process a bit.

I also found out that Parted does not display any partition types it does
not support. Possibly it should then display at least its hexadecimal value.
Also "cfdisk" contains a very comprehensive list of partition types. Maybe
this could be incorporated in Parted.

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