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Advanced parted idea

From: Serguei Tzukanov
Subject: Advanced parted idea
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 21:38:52 +0300 (MSK)


There is an obvious extension of "loopback mapping" technique.

Imagine some block driver that have properties as follows:
by nature it is a generic hd (let's name it /dev/vhd)
  and therefore can be partitioned (e.g. vhd0, ...);
can be divided into some special linear zones;
the zone either have some real backing file on existing partition
  or it's directly mapped to real disk;

Now the steps then somebody wanna change layout of the disk.
  boots off special aparted CD-ROM that automagically setups vhd;
  do normal fdisk /dev/vhd as she wish;
  do normal moving of data;
  do remapping;

This method allows not just convert/resize/move filesystem but
also can split the filesystem (e.g. move grown /usr/local out of /usr).

And now the question:
Would you like this ability in parted?


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