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Re: 1.Thanks, 2.Bug(?)

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: 1.Thanks, 2.Bug(?)
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 03:12:15 +1100
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On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 10:39:22PM +0100, Wlodek Drabent wrote:
> Hello
> Thanks for your answer.
> Unfortunately, the disk is now in use and I cannot play with it anymore.
> And I do not have sufficiently systematic notes...
> >  > (Also, parted was able to create overlapping partitions.
> >  REALLY?!
> Maybe not exactly.
> BUT fdisk said:
>    Partition 6: previous sectors 3330493 disagrees with total 3338240
> [I found fdisk/cfdisk listings of this situation, enclosed below.]

Thanks, I had a look, and it looks like fdisk/cfdisk brokenness.

Parted will only do this if it can't figure out the disk geometry...
did it give you a warning about this?  (BTW: all partitioning
programs do something like this)

> "A professional partitioning program" gave:
>    sector 3330494 error 114
>    EPBR not at the beginning of cylinder
> and moved it to 3330432, running into error 108 (unexplained).

Sounds right.

> It would be safer to do it always. (The numbers of MB seems almost
> always adjusted by parted.  Typos are possible, especially in
> partition numbers, or using command abbreviations, etc.)

I can't think of an example where a typo would do something BAD.
Can you?


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