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1.Thanks, 2.Bug(?)

From: Wlodek Drabent
Subject: 1.Thanks, 2.Bug(?)
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:21:51 +0100

Dear Andrew Clausen

Thanks for parted!
Some days ago it helped me a lot.

I encountered something which may be a bug:
I could not enlarge the last fat partition to the very end of the
disk.  parted created in it a fat filesystem smaller than the
partition.  And any attempt of enlarging by "resize" failed, 
resulting in a partition without the last cylinder.

(Also, parted was able to create overlapping partitions.
Also, other tools complained about its results.  For instance cfdisk
called after parted displayed NC for partitions not modified by

Could I also suggest an improvement?  It would be VERY useful if
before writing anything to the disk parted asked for a confirmation,
displaying a description of what is going to be done.
Now the user does not know, for instance, how the numbers she types
are actually interpreted.

Providing a spec file to create an rpm, instead of normal installing,
is a GREAT idea.  Advertise it better.  I believe that for almost
everybody this way of installing/uninstalling is much better.

--Wlodek D.

The version I used was 1.4.23-1 (and a bit older boot disk).

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