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bug detected

From: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Koberstein
Subject: bug detected
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 18:08:09 +0200

parted) print 
Plattengeometrie für /dev/sda: 0.000-17501.792 Megabytes
Disk-Label-Typ: msdos
Minor    Start       End     Type      Dateisystem Flags
1          0.031   1200.168  primary   FAT         versteckt (Windows 98)
2       1200.199   3247.514  primary   FAT         versteckt (Windows NT)
4       3247.515   3271.047  primary   ext2        boot
3       3271.047  17500.495  extended              lba
5       3271.078   3867.209  logical   FAT                   (win98 progs)
6       3867.240   7357.895  logical   FAT                   (winnt progs)
7       7357.926   7859.896  logical   linux-swap
8       7859.927  17500.495  logical   reiserfs

(address@hidden rted) resize 1 0 1200.1
Warnung: Partition ist in Verwendung.
Ignorieren Abbrechen ? i
Fehler: Die FATs sind nicht groß genug um all Cluster aufzunehmen! Jede FAT 
150 Sektoren groß. Es gibt 38399 Cluster, womit die FAT 151 Sektoren groß sein
müßte. Das ist WIRKLICH seltsam. Sie sollten uns eine E-Mail schreiben:

Here is my email:
I have partitioned my 18GB SCSI drive with PartitionMagic 7 and installed the 
PartitionMagic bootloader.
The systems installed are Windows NT, Windows NT and Linux.
On a second SCSI disk  I have two partitions for windows data and linux data.
A third 80GB Atapi drive is for backing up of drives 1 and 2 and only switched 
on if needed.

PartitionInfo (see attached output 'partinfo.txt' says that cylinders on 
several partitions didn't end on cylinder boundary. For this reason I 
installed Parted hoping that this tool could help me fix the problem.

What can I do now? Is there a way of getting rid of the PartitionMagic 
Bootloader and try to boot (the system I need) by other means, preferably 
provided by linux?

Any advice from your part would be greatly appreciated.

Gerhard Koberstein

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