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Re: Ext3 support

From: Yury Umanets
Subject: Re: Ext3 support
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 10:27:24 +0300
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Nuno Gomes wrote:


This is my first post in this ML.
I am making my own linux distribution (Home made, not comercial) and
because i think libparted is a great tool i decide to do the instalation
partition´s stuff with it. I found myself with the problem that
libparted doesn´t create ext3 partition yet. I know that there are some
distributions that use the libparted in the instalation like Redhat, and
they support ext3, so my question is how they do that? Is it just a
system() call or or there are some API (parted) function´s to call
extern programs?
As I know they use external mkfs-tools for creating filesystems.

Can you help me put my distribution creating ext3 using libparted? :) By the way, when will you think that libparted will support this

Probably you should add ext3 creating feature by youself :) And then you will be able to use it from libparted and of course a lot of people will do and will thank you a lot :)


Nuno Gomes

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