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Re: Extended Partitions

From: John Richard Moser
Subject: Re: Extended Partitions
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 22:02:38 -0400
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B.Hakvoort wrote:
| Hi,
| This is perfectly possible. As long as no logicals are mounted you can
| resize (and therefore move) the extended partition.
| However, the logicals will not be moved/resized, you need to do this
| yourself (afaik).


Please please PLEASE adjust supported partitions automatically.  :(

Also, is it possible yet to move partitions over slightly, so the old
and new overlap?  i.e. not a copy+delete.

Old: [hda1..][hda2..][free......][hda3............]
New: [hda1..][hda2..][hda3............][free......]
Map: ............................!!!!!!............

Notice that you'll need to read in blocks and write back; there will be
no verification after the final operation.  The beginning of the
original data will be destroyed in the operation.

Still, this is needed.  I've had these issues cause problems in the past
(the first time I used QTParted, I expected better behavior; I still
can't use parted itself).

| btw, now we're on the subject of extended partitions. Does anyone know
| what's the max amount of logicals an extended partition can hold? I've
| searched a bit and the numbers vary from 15 to 256 .... ;)
| Bart
| On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 00:33, John Richard Moser wrote:
| It would be extremely useful to resize and move extended partitions.  I
| realize that logical drives would be affected by this; the operation
| should attempt to correct the logical drives for the offset, and
| warn/fail if they can't.
| I'm not subscribed, CC me responses.

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