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Re: Extended Partitions

From: K . G .
Subject: Re: Extended Partitions
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 04:33:16 +0200

> | Hi,
> |
> | This is perfectly possible. As long as no logicals are mounted you can
> | resize (and therefore move) the extended partition.
> | However, the logicals will not be moved/resized, you need to do this
> | yourself (afaik).
> |
> Please please PLEASE adjust supported partitions automatically.  :(

Well, the question is how we should adjust logical partition in that case ?
Also, there might be unresizable partitions, or partitions with FS not
supported for a particular operation in Parted, so this really is a non
trivial issue !

> Also, is it possible yet to move partitions over slightly, so the old
> and new overlap?  i.e. not a copy+delete.
> Old: [hda1..][hda2..][free......][hda3............]
> New: [hda1..][hda2..][hda3............][free......]
> Map: ............................!!!!!!............

I guess it depends on the file system.

> Notice that you'll need to read in blocks and write back; there will be
> no verification after the final operation.  The beginning of the
> original data will be destroyed in the operation.

?? I don't understand clearly...
If you're are talking about a generic block by block move, this is not
compatible with a non destructive operation in case of complete interruption
in the middle of the process.

> Still, this is needed.  I've had these issues cause problems in the past
> (the first time I used QTParted, I expected better behavior; I still
> can't use parted itself).

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