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Re: Problems when there are unallocated space in the beginning of an ext

From: Rico
Subject: Re: Problems when there are unallocated space in the beginning of an extended partition?
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 19:44:24 -0800 (PST)

--- Håkon Løvdal <address@hidden> wrote:

> Introduction
> ============
> A few days ago Rico sent a mail asking for help to undelete
> a FAT32 partition that he had deleted unwillingly while
> deleting some linux partitions. I have exchanged some mails
> with him and helped him finding the start/end cylinders for
> the deleted partitions. Recreating them/finding the FAT32
> partition remains, but I assume we will manage that.

Hello Everyone.

Hakon, Great News! We have managed that.
Thanks to the updated version of find_drive_table you sent me
I was able to locate the exact cylinders for the partitions that
used to be in the freespace area.
It's with fdisk that I restored the partition and gave myself a
good scare by being off by +1 on the end cylinder; overlapping
onto hde5. But now, all is well. Thanks a lot.
Have you ever considered signing up for the cast of CSI as
Specialist in I.T evidence recovery? :)
> Comments? Rico mentioned that he had used an old rescue disk
> from around 2001. I guess it would be useful to get the exact
> version number for parted. Could you supply us with that Rico?

All right. It's parted 1.4.14-pre1. Yeah... Linux kernel 2.4.5 was
new at the time. Quite a wonder that the floppy still works for me.


Best regards,

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