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Re: >2TB volume boot problem

From: Carlos Knowlton
Subject: Re: >2TB volume boot problem
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 09:36:01 -0600
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Carlos Knowlton wrote:


I've got a 3Ware 9500 12 Harware RAID controller that is full of 25GB S-ATA drives

oops, that's supposed to be "250GB drives", sorry about that.

(total storage = 2.75TB). To my 64bit FC3 box, this looks like a single huge SCSI disk (/dev/sda). At first there was no way to partition this huge beast, but then [cue fanfare] I found parted!! needless to say, this worked well by using GPT labels (good job parted-guys!). However, grub doesn't recognize GPT. So here's my question: Does anyone know a way to boot from huge volumes (where "huge" = >2TB)? even if it doesn't involve grub, or GPT, I'm open to suggestions. Anybody?

Carlos Knowlton

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