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Spawning the GNU Storage HOWTO

From: Patrick Leslie Polzer
Subject: Spawning the GNU Storage HOWTO
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 10:52:47 +0100

I would like to propose a spin-off of parted.texi, which might be called
the "GNU Storage HOWTO" (or rather, "Guide", as LinuxDoc would put it).
Why this?

parted.texi is gathering a lot of information that non-users of Parted
are not likely to see (note the soon-to-be section on fs limits!).

Also, most documents regarding partition and file systems are very
outdated (the File Systems HOWTO is probably one of the worst because
of its missing sections).

Moreover, I think we could automate this by extracting the relevant
sections at texi2html time.

If someone is interested, I'd love to discuss it with them here
or in private.

Kind regards,


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