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Re: mailing list moderation

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: mailing list moderation
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 18:26:25 -0600

    Bart> Could you give me an estimate of how much time would be involved in

A few minutes per day.  Is that doable?
I can help moderate if need be.

    Leslie> - this list can't be subscriber-only as it is intended for bug
       reporting by everyone.

Of course.  I can see I should have been more explicit in my mail.  The
idea is certainly not to require subscriber only.  But that does not
mean having to accept any mail that comes in.  All that has to happen is
to set (in the mailman interface) generic_nonmember_action=hold at
privacy->sender and then check once a day (or so) for real messages to
approve.  (You're probably already aware of this option, just stating it
out loud.)

It could also be helpful to add address@hidden as a moderator, to
autodelete most spam.

    - we can hardly spend time on moderation.

If you have no time for it, I understand.  I can recruit others who can.
We don't just want to keep going with generic_nonmember_action=accept;
that too has its major problems, namely spam in the archives and
too-frequent blacklisting of lists.gnu.org.


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