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Failed to partition vista loaded laptop HD

From: Mel Burslan
Subject: Failed to partition vista loaded laptop HD
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 00:33:56 -0700

I recently acquired a Compaq laptop with Windows Vista preloaded. Of course no installation DVD came with it. I wish to install Linux and XP onto this machine but thinking about availability of the latest version of Redmond's finest OS, I'd like to keep Vista on it too since I have no other way of re-installing it, if I scrap the whole hard disk.

Enter G-Parted Live CD (pretty recent version too)

Laptop boots but graphics card (nVidia by the way) did not get recognized. So. I force it. Voila. GParted interface comes up. Shows 2 partitions. One about 70 GB and one about 10 GB. &0 GB one is the boot drive. Other one I believe is for the system restore point saving. Could not quite understand the purpose of this one but it does not matter. I want to partition to large 70G portion. But when I click on this partition, it says some sort of end of disk marker or similar not being found and suggests that I boot to windows, run "chkdsk /f" reboot TWICE and boot to gParted again.

I followed the steps (twice no less) chkdsk /f did not give me any messages that it repaired something but I did it anyways. Then I boot to the gParted live CD and I am still getting the same message. Could anyone suggest a way out, short of nixing the Vista all together ?


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