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Re: Failed to partition vista loaded laptop HD

From: Frodo Baggins
Subject: Re: Failed to partition vista loaded laptop HD
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 14:33:38 +0530

On 9/12/07, Mel Burslan <address@hidden> wrote:
> I recently acquired a Compaq laptop with Windows Vista preloaded. Of course
> no installation DVD came with it. I wish to install Linux and XP onto this
> machine but thinking about availability of the latest version of Redmond's
> finest OS, I'd like to keep Vista on it too since I have no other way of
> re-installing it, if I scrap the whole hard disk.
> Enter G-Parted Live CD (pretty recent version too)
> Laptop boots but graphics card (nVidia by the way) did not get recognized.
> So. I force it. Voila. GParted interface comes up. Shows 2 partitions. One
> about 70 GB and one about 10 GB. &0 GB one is the boot drive. Other one I
> believe is for the system restore point saving. Could not quite understand
> the purpose of this one but it does not matter. I want to partition to large
> 70G portion. But when I click on this partition, it says some sort of end of
> disk marker or similar not being found and suggests that I boot to windows,
> run "chkdsk /f" reboot TWICE and boot to gParted again.

I haven't used gparted in a while (only ncurses-based installers of
late) and so I don't know about that particular error.
Please check your gparted version and what libparted release it uses
and check if your issue has been reported on gparted's bugzilla.
If not, please create a bug report there.

> I followed the steps (twice no less) chkdsk /f did not give me any messages
> that it repaired something but I did it anyways. Then I boot to the gParted
> live CD and I am still getting the same message. Could anyone suggest a way
> out, short of nixing the Vista all together ?
> Thanks
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