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GPT and Type 8e (LVM) Partitions go toghether ??

From: Axel Werner
Subject: GPT and Type 8e (LVM) Partitions go toghether ??
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 09:33:07 +0200
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Hi anybody,

im pretty much lost. i recently installed ubuntu on a new FSC server using a hardware raid. the result is a 4TB logical drive (HW Raid, no lvm yet). So while installing ubuntu i partitioned it using 20GB for RootFS (/) and left the remaining untouched yet. After successfull installation i wanted to create an additional Partition on the raid-drive of Type 8e (lvm) so other partitioning apps can recognize there is something on and is "in use". But here comes the problem..

For some reason i dont realy know, and without asking me the ubuntu installer put a GPT Partition-Table on the giant Drive. I found out while i tried to create that Type 8e (lvm) partition with FDISK. Since Fdisk warned me, and told me i should use parted i now read lots of docs and manuals about it. but im still lost and even more confused.

I was not able to find out HOW TO MAKE an additional Type 8e Partition with parted. in fact, all the parted manuals i found do not talk about "partition types" anymore, but talking of "filesystems" . well..i learned once that partitions and filesystems does not depend on eachother. since a partition is an entry in the partition-table and a filesystem is a special structure used to organize files within a specific "space" within partitions or even simple "files". now there should not be partition-types anymore ?!?! WTF???

Could someone pls explain me or point to some better docs explaining me that ?? im so f... lost.

HOW TO MAKE USE OF MY REMAINING FREE SPACE ON MY RAID DRIVE showing simple partitioning tools "hey this space is in use by LVM" ???

thanks for any help!

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