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Re: GPT and Type 8e (LVM) Partitions go toghether ??

From: Axel Werner
Subject: Re: GPT and Type 8e (LVM) Partitions go toghether ??
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 16:02:00 +0200
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thanks fer reply!

Am 30.03.2009 14:58, Bryn M. Reeves schrieb:
The partition type codes are specific to the MSDOS MBR partition table.
They are meaningless in other partitioning schemes.


so its impossible to create such a Type 8e "lvm" Partition on a GPT labeled drive?

so how to make a type 8e partition on my GPT Disk-Drive using parted ???

and if not possible to creat a Type 8e (lvm) partition with parted.. 
WHAT ELSE partition type should i create so i can put a lvm volume on ?

It doesn't actually matter; the lvm2 tools have never checked the
partition code used (it's more-or-less "documentation" nowadays). 
u mean i could create/use ANY type of partition to use as a "lvm container" ? like ext3 or swap ?

Reasonable enough but just create a standard partition on the GPT
labeled drive and use that.


please define "standard partition"

and what if i create an ext3 partition as a container for an lvm-PV - am i required to set that lvm flag thingy within the partition table ? or whatfor is that flag then ?

thanks fer help!

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