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Using parted

From: Mark Elkins
Subject: Using parted
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 18:22:04 +0200

'Parted newbie' request.

Recently had to use 'parted' - as I share a disk in my Apple MacBook Pro
with a bootable linux partition -and- (another machine) put together a
Raid-5 device with six Terabyte drives and wanted a file system of about
five terabytes.

I'm old school (fdisk).

I really miss not being given the default values that 'fdisk' does when
partitioning a disk - ie when adding partitions :-

Start [Default 0] : ???
(where default of '0' is where you last left off)
Finish [Def = end-of-disk]:  so we don't need to read wiki pages to find
that '-0' means the end....

I also love the "+10G" syntax I can use in 'fdisk' - ie - I want this
partition to end 10Gigs after its start - without using a calculator.

These short cuts helped fdisk comfort me - and I really miss them.

Can we have these as a feature request - pretty please?
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