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Re: growing XFS with GPT partitions

From: Lasse Kärkkäinen
Subject: Re: growing XFS with GPT partitions
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 09:21:58 +0300
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This is apparently a rather common problem, as I keep receiving messages about this every few weeks. Here's the latest:

Michael Monnerie wrote:

Did you ever resolve this? How?

I solved the problem for writing my own program for reading and writing GPT labels. With that it was pretty straight-forward to repartition, even though one had to edit the source code to do any changes.


Run the program to see the current GPT info, then add lines to set new values at the line marked // TODO: operations here. Run the program and it will display the old data, then it'll do the changes and perform some consistency checks to verify them and print the new data. It will then ask for confirmation before writing anything to disk.

Before writing this program I tried inspecting parted source code to see if it could be fooled into resizing the partition without touching the XFS or if it could use external xfsgrow tool, but unfortunately the source code was too abstract and I had to give up.

Hopefully someone adds this feature, as there clearly is need for it...

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