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Re: BLKPG changes pushed

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: BLKPG changes pushed
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 20:52:23 +0200

Curtis Gedak wrote:
> Jim Meyering wrote:
>> Curtis Gedak wrote:
>>> Jim Meyering wrote:
>>>> ... I just tried to add a couple partitions (in free space),
>>>> and each time, I got this:
>>>>     $ sudo ./parted -s $dev u B mkpart F13-root $s2 $e2
>>>>     Warning: WARNING: the kernel failed to re-read the partition table on
>>>>     /dev/sda (Device or resource busy).  As a result, it may not reflect 
>>>> all
>>>>     of your changes until after reboot.
>>>> I thought the intent was to avoid such warnings when they do not apply.
>>>> The kernel was indeed notified of the creation of the two new
>>>> partitions, and I was able to create file systems on them.
>>> Do you have an active LVM on a partition on the drive?
>> Thanks, but no.
> Okay, so the problem is not due to an active LVM partition.  Some
> testing has shown me that the patches to reenable BLKPG ioctls
> actually fix the problem of editing other unmounted partitions on a
> device with an active LVM partition.
> Was the command in your testing actually the following or was there a typo?
> $ sudo ./parted -s $dev u B mkpart F13-root $s2 $e2

That is precisely the command I used.

> If this was the command then what is a partition type of "F13-root"?

It's a GPT partition table, so that's its name, not its type.
(yes, mkpart's partition-table-type-sensitive semantics is horribly

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