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Re: [PATCH] libparted: remove now-worse-than-useless _kernel_reread_part

From: Curtis Gedak
Subject: Re: [PATCH] libparted: remove now-worse-than-useless _kernel_reread_part_table
Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 12:01:36 -0600
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Jim Meyering wrote:
Does anyone know of a reason to retain this function?
Currently it is producing unwarranted failures,
and removing it causes no problem I can see.

If you know of a case where it's required, please
outline it in enough detail that I can reproduce it --
then I'll add a test case for it.

In my opinion the key objective is to ensure that the kernel is kept informed of partition changes.

If this is not possible, then it is important to notify the user when the actual disk partition table and the kernel's view of the partition table differ.

As long as these objectives are accomplished then I think all is good.

From tracking problems in GParted with resizing file systems when the kernel view differs from the actual partition table, I can say that in the past the error message was correct when a failure to inform the kernel did occur.

I will try running my resizing test using the latest parted code in the git repository (May 1st, 2010) and fedora 12 to see if the problem reoccurs. If successful (no problems encountered), this test will take several days to complete.

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