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Re: @footnote within @multitable is lost from TeX output

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: @footnote within @multitable is lost from TeX output
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 17:10:44 -0500

    Shall i provide an example to reproduce the problem?

In general yes, but in this case you already sent me the input on
help-texinfo :).
    The subject line says it all.  The HTML looks great, but the footnote
    is missing from the bottom of the page in the TeX output.

Unfortunately, I can't see any practical way to fix this.  Within TeX,
the footnote is stored as a so-called insertion, and when it's used
within another box, such as a @multitable, that insertion simply does
not "migrate" out to the main vertical list where it would get typeset.
So it disappears.  This all happens within the base TeX binary and is
not controllable by macros :(.

If you must have a footnote there, then you'll have to do it with some
method other than @footnote, namely by typesetting the footnote number
and footnote text yourself, in the places they should appear.  Sorry.

(Stepan or anyone, if you have any other suggestions...)

Another alternative is not to use @multitable.  Instead, use @table
@asis and make the image be the item label.  You won't be able to center
the image in this approach, it'll always be at the top of text, but ...
choose your poison.  This way, footnotes will work, and you don't have
to mess around choosing your columnfractions.

In this approach, it would probably make sense to force all the images
to be a given width (with the appropriate argument to @image), so the
same \tableindent will do for all.  (They all appeared to be
approximately the same anyway.)

\global\tableindent = 2.3in
@end tex

@macro myimage
@vbox to address@hidden@image{informs,,,address@hidden
@end macro

@table @asis
@item @myimage
`Subject' and `object' describe end-points of an attention vector.
(These words are not meant in a strict grammatical sense.)
The subject is the origin of attention.  Attention is focused on an object,
the object is enveloped with awareness, and the subject is informed
about the object.

@end table

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