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Web Sites That Deliver Traffic

From: Mike Dever CEO
Subject: Web Sites That Deliver Traffic
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 03:38:16 -0400 (EDT)

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Dear InternetSeer Subscriber,

We've recently found a company that we should have "discovered" long, long ago. They are changing the way small business will DO BUSINESS through the Net. Steadily, surely the word has spread from one successful small business person to another... to the point where they themselves are now in the Top 700 sites on the Net!

They've done it all without spending a penny on advertising, without any Venture Capital, etc. They simply have the very best product of its kind -- actually it's so far ahead of anything else, it's fair to say it's the only product of it's kind.

But most importantly... it works.

SiteSell.com provides a unique-to-the-Net, all-in-one system of tools that builds results, from the ground up. And the results are impressive...

51% of SBI! sites rank within the top 6% most popular sites.
30% rank within the most visited 3%.
17% score in the top 2%.
Click here to find out more...

Their Success Guarantee means you have nothing to lose,  but thousands of warm, willing-to-buy customers to gain, whether you are a totally Net-based business (or thinking about starting one) or a totally offline local company with local clientele (the next great wave of small business e-commerce, by the way).

For more information, a QuickTour, sample sites, go to...


Mike Dever, CEO

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