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Re: Headings with pdftex seems wrong

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Headings with pdftex seems wrong
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 13:20:58 -0500

Hi Oleg,

- What's documented in the manual is that @thischapter* can only be used
  in headings; the commands never worked in the body.  So please change
  your patch to redefine @thischapter* to use marks.  (I'm not surprised
  they were totally broken with @setchapternewpage off.  Support for
  that is minimal.)  I don't think we need \pagechapter.

- @thissection is not documented because it could not be reliably
  implemented without marks, and I never took the time to do that.  If
  you feel like implementing it, so much the better.  Not that it's
  necessary, of course.

- I believe you are right that the xref stuff depends on the current
  timing of \thischapter and \thissection.  However, that is not visible
  to the user, whereas the @thischapter* documentation is.  So, what we
  need to do is define different macros (say, \thischapternow and
  \thissectionnow) the way \thischapter and \thissection are currently
  defined, and use the new macros in the xref stuff.  Sound plausible?

- Your page break fix sounds good.  Please commit that.

- Thanks.


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