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short wish list for `info`

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: short wish list for `info`
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 23:40:16 +0200
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Hello developers,

Some things I would like to see in `info` someday:

* When searching restarts from the top or bottom, indicate this in 
the echo area.  Like vim or nano do.

* Do not say "* Menu" before a list of cross references; it doesn't 
add anything.  If that is not possible, then at least don't use the 
same character before "Menu" as is used before each menu item -- it 
always, for a split second, makes me think that Menu itself is a 
menu item.

(This latter change appears to be non-trivial: changing the line
    #define INFO_MENU_LABEL                 "\n* Menu:"
to for example
    #define INFO_MENU_LABEL                 "\n= Menu:"
makes `info` stop working entirely and fall back to man pages.)

* The possibility to colourize cross references, so that they stand 
out on a page.  Like HTML hyperlinks.


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