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Re: short wish list for `info`

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: short wish list for `info`
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 17:54:45 -0500

Hi Benno,

    * When searching restarts from the top or bottom, indicate this in 
    the echo area.  Like vim or nano do.


    * Do not say "* Menu" before a list of cross references; 

I don't think of a menu as a list of cross references, exactly.  It's a
very specific list, not in some arbitrary order as "list" implies.

Anyway, "* Menu" and other such keywords are a fundamental part of
parsing Info files.  We can't change them.  Or rather, doing so means
making a completely new, incompatible, format.  That would cause a huge
hassle for everyone.

I completely agree the syntax chosen by rms 20 years ago is far from
ideal, but realistically, I can't imagine it changing.  

BTW, the Emacs Info reader has gone to a lot of lengths to render such
things as "* Menu" invisible.  That has its own problems, but it would
be one way to go, theoretically.

    * The possibility to colourize cross references, so that they stand 
    out on a page.  Like HTML hyperlinks.

Sure, although I don't know how easy it is to colorize with
termcap/terminfo, or how good the results are.  Not too great, in my
experience, but I've never looked at extensively.

Of course, writing a completely new X-based Info reader is yet another
way to go that would give much more flexibility.

As usual, I'm afraid I can't make implementing any of this a priority
for myself.  If you and/or Sergey have time and inclination to make the
changes, that'd be great.


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