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a few itching msgids

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: a few itching msgids
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 21:38:04 +0100


Some of the new message strings in Texinfo make me wonder
about what precisley is being meant.

Common.pm contains:
msgid "Error on closing renamed nodes file %s: %s"
HTML.pm contains:
msgid "Error on closing renamed node file %s: %s"
Probably the latter should be the same as the first?

msgid "Node `%s' that is to be renamed exists"
Something to be renamed should exist, no?
Is not a phrase intended like:
"New name for node %s already exists"?

msgid "Node to be renamed as, `%s' not found"
Maybe the comma should not be there?

msgid "@%s `%s' output more than once"
What does this want to say?  That '@%s %s' has been output
more than once?  Or does @%s say that '%s' has been output
several times?

msgid "@node precedes @%s, but part are not associated with nodes"
Part are?

msgid "Unknown from index `%s' in @%s"
msgid "Unknown to index name `%s' in @%s"
Unknown what?

msgid "tex4ht output %s missing"
msgid "tex4ht output got %d for %d items entered"
msgid "tex4ht output no text for @%s %s"
Is "output" here a verb or a noun?  Got %d what?



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