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some more itching msgids

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: some more itching msgids
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 19:34:40 +0100


Upon further translation, three more msgids seemed not quite right.

  msgid "%s:%d @import not finished in css file"
Maybe a colon missing after %d?  Six other messages start with
the sequence "%s:%d:".

  msgid "Empty node in menu entry"
Probably "node name" instead of "node"?

  msgid "tex4ht error opening %s: %s"
Maybe a colon missing after tex4ht?
Maybe also in other messages that start with tex4ht?

Further, the following paragraph from the help text of
install-info doesn't make sense to me:
  "TEXT is only removed as a last resort, if the"
  "entry as determined from the Info file is not present,"
  "and the basename of the Info file isn't found either"
It doesn't seem to be related to its preceding text.

Finally, the options --add-once, --align, --append-new-sections,
--calign, and --max-width are not listed in the help text of the
install-info program.  (The first four can be grouped in a single
chunk; for the latter the chunk from --help to --quiet is better
first split into two.)



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