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Re: texinfo-4.13.91 - undetected curses

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: texinfo-4.13.91 - undetected curses
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 01:05:21 GMT

Hi Ineiev,

    I tried to build it on cygwin; it didn't find ncurses [0],
    but configure exited successfully, and it was make that broke.

Well, that is clearly a problem, but I can't possibly guess what to do
about it.  If you can provide a patch, either for configure to bail out
or to make it actually work, then I can include it.

Maybe some other package has some curses-finding configure code that
could be used?  What configure.ac does now is this:

# Some GNU/Linux systems (e.g., SuSE 4.3, 1996) don't have curses, but
# rather ncurses.  So we check for it.
# Check for termlib before termcap because Solaris termcap needs libucb.
TERMLIB_VARIANTS="ncurses curses termlib termcap terminfo"
for termlib in ${TERMLIB_VARIANTS}; do
  AC_CHECK_LIB(${termlib}, tgetent,
     [TERMLIBS="${TERMLIBS} -l${termlib}"; break])

# don't bother warning on djgpp, it doesn't have a term library, it
# ports each termcap-needing program separately according to its needs.
if test -z "$TERMLIBS" && echo "$build" | grep -v djgpp >/dev/null; then
  AC_MSG_WARN([probably need a terminal library, one of: ${TERMLIB_VARIANTS}])


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