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makeinfo 5.2 (or 5) breaks current texi documents

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: makeinfo 5.2 (or 5) breaks current texi documents
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 11:14:32 +0900
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Hi Karl, hi all,

it seems that some changes to makeinfo broke some old texi files.

The vera.texi from the vera distribution 
(released 2013-06-09) cannot be compiled with makeinfo 5 but
with makeinfo 4.

The errors are:
vera.texi:191: warning: unreferenced node `0'
vera.texi:109: node `Top' lacks menu item for `0' despite being its Up target
(many similar ones)

The vera.texi contains lines like:
@node Top, 0, (dir), (dir)
@node B, C, A, Top

Is this intended behaviour? The original bug report on Debian states:
> The requirement to add menu entries when there is already references is
> completly spurious: adding the required menu entries make the info file 
> uglier,
> when the references are nicer and faster to navigate.
> And of course is break backard compatibility.

Could you please let us know what you think?

Thanks a lot


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