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Re: [bug #42897] texi2any does not bark at incorrect menu entry, and mak

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: Re: [bug #42897] texi2any does not bark at incorrect menu entry, and makes erroneous info output
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2014 00:07:18 +0200

Gavin Smith a écrit :
>> Like this:


>> It would be better if there was some colon escape command in Texinfo, like
>> @comma{}, @{, @} and @@ for other special characters, and that this colon
>> escape would be used in place of colon when it is part of the node/label 
>> name.
>> Maybe a @string command would be more concise for escaping `,' and `:', i.e.
>> you would write address@hidden, world: I'm happy.}' instead of address@hidden
>> address@hidden I'm address@hidden', assuming that @colon{} and @period{} are
>> the two new commands for inserting a colon and period respectively in menu
>> entries.
> Be careful about the difference between Texinfo syntax and Info
> syntax. The escape commands you mention are Texinfo constructs and
> don't appear in Info files. In fact, we have been discussing some form
> of escaping of special characters in Info files. Something like the
> @string command you mention might be needed to produce a correctly
> escaped node/label name.

Maybe @quote or @verb would be better names, allowing that syntax:


where you could use anything else than `='


I do not know the info format details --- BTW is it documented somewhere
--- but I was speculating that it has some sort of escape mechanism,
like using %20 for a space in URLs.

>From your answer I see that such kind of escaping mechanism does not
actually exists (yet ;-) ).

Anyway, I am a bit surprised that there was some effort from people
doing the EMACS info viewer not to preclude colon in node names, as on
the other hand they preclude comma albeit the @comma command is already
there and could be used by the user to have commas in node names. See


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