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Re: @quotation and @indentedblock in html and DocBook

From: Mahlon
Subject: Re: @quotation and @indentedblock in html and DocBook
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 06:59:15 +0800
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On 12/21/2014 01:53 AM, Per Bothner wrote:

On 12/20/2014 09:11 AM, Mahlon wrote:
I agree with Karl on the issue of broadening the use of <blockquote>
for indentation. The strength of having several block types is that
each block type has its special characteristics: Indentation, font
type inheritance/replacement, preformatting, font size. Maintaining
this flexibility with wider use of the <blockquote> would necessarily
mean deeper <div><style><span> nesting which could get complex.

Why?  No need to add a <div> - just emit a <blockquote>, with an optional
class=... attribute when we want to distinguish the kinds of <blockquote>.

Yes, that's an interesting idea. @quotation, @indentedblock, @example, @display and their @small. . . counterparts could receive class designations.

I have some concerns though about how the style stubs in the <head> section would be configured to support this. Currently these stubs are extremely simple. Our existing template for the blockquote looks like this:

blockquote.smallquotation {font-size: smaller}

but this is not quite right because the @quotation command indents both left and right in the info output:

blockquote.smallquotation {margin-right: 3.2em; font-size: smaller}

Should we then have something like this for our style stubs? (relies on the default left margin of <blockquote>):

blockquote.quotation {margin-right: 3.2em;}

blockquote.smallquotation {margin-right: 3.2em; font-size: smaller;}

blockquote.indentedblock { /*nothing needed here*/ }

blockquote.smallindentedblock {font-size: smaller;}

blockquote.display {white-space: pre;}

blockquote.smalldisplay {white-space: pre; font-size: smaller;}

blockquote.example {font-family: monospace; white-space: pre;}

blockquote.smallexample {font-family: monospace; white-space: pre; font-size: smaller;}

I also have had some discussions about the @exdent command used within these blocks. This command seems useless to me, but it exists, so we need to determine how (or if) it can be supported within these blocks. (see post of 23 November).

Your thoughts?



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