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Re: txi-ca.tex missing in texinfo repository

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: txi-ca.tex missing in texinfo repository
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 19:01:13 GMT

    >So "·" should be admitted to produce l·l , L·L, as well as œô à and œô ß

I'm afraid the crucial characters here just appear as ?'s in my
environment.  What \gdef and/or character codes are we talking about?

    I don't know how Å€ and Ä¿ should be supported.

And I don't know what characters you're talking about here, for the same
reason.  Sorry.

    The best that I can see at present is to declare the file encoding as
    ISO-8859-1, which will allow the use of the middle dot. 

It is better not to use literal 8-bit (or UTF-8 for that matter)
characters in the txi-??.tex files.  (I know some translators do, but it
shuts out anyone not using that same encoding.)

These simple word-by-word translation files cannot achieve anything like
what Unicode does.  That's a different problem.  They should just do the
best they can.

    that is, a superscripted full stop. Maybe it should be \cdot instead.
    The same could be used in \utfeightchardefs.

We can use \cdot, with some extra care to ensure math mode, and it looks
better than a superscripted period (not surprisingly).  I'll do that.


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