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texi2dvi issue with(out) bibtex

From: d . gerbet
Subject: texi2dvi issue with(out) bibtex
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2017 14:31:42 +0200
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Dear developers,

First many thanks to you for your support with texi2dvi so far.

In the new version
$ texi2dvi --version
texi2dvi (GNU Texinfo 6.4) 7842

there was an extra check added in 'xref_files_changed()' starting at
line 839. This looks for *.bbl and *.blg files, if a latex project,
which are not present if the project does not include bibtex. So the
loop in 'run_tex_suite()' always iterates until the maximum number of
iterations is reached. 
This can be reproduced by compiling a latex project without any
citations and bibliography.
Shouldn't there be carried out the same test as in 'run_bibtex()' before
printing the file names in 'sorted_index_filter()' in order to not check
for that files, if there is no bibtex at all? 
Maybe there is a similar behaviour with texinfo and index?

Daniel Gerbet

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