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Re: Feature request: multilevel indexing for TeX

From: Raymond Toy
Subject: Re: Feature request: multilevel indexing for TeX
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 08:44:35 -0700

Thanks for looking into this.  I think I'm getting confused on which version of makeinfo and texindex.tex is getting used. (I have 3 version on my system).

I think the issue I reported here is that I was using pdftex to create the doc.  Using makeinfo --pdf doesn't have that problem. But it complains about something else. I want to make sure it's from the dev texinfo stuff and not some older 6.6 (or earlier) version.

On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 2:54 AM Gavin Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
On 5/18/19, Raymond Toy <address@hidden> wrote:
> With my old hack.  With the new texinfo, I changed the macro to say
> @cindex \topic\ @subentry \subtopic\
> makeinfo --pdf foo.texi
> has errors like:
> Unde
> fined control sequence.
> \temp ->\xeatspaces {unix} \subentry
>                                      \xeatspaces { pathnames}
> \dosubindwrite ...mpty \xdef \indexsortkey {\temp
>                                                   }\ifx \indexsortkey
> \empty...
> \safewhatsit ... \else \vskip -\whatsitskip \fi #1
>                                                   \ifx \lastskipmacro
> \zeros...
> \dosubind ...dcsname }\safewhatsit \dosubindwrite
>                                                   }\fi
> l.2 ...s {unix} @subentry @xeatspaces { pathnames}
> \scanmacro ...\\=\active \scantokens address@hidden
>                                                   \aftermacro \catcode
> address@hidden
> l.1657 @cpsubindex{unix, pathnames}

I couldn't reproduce the problem. I found that @subentry worked OK
with macros, although it is not surprising that there should be a
problem here.


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