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paragraph justification issue on @url with "texi2dvi --pdf" in texinfo.t

From: Vincent Lefevre
Subject: paragraph justification issue on @url with "texi2dvi --pdf" in texinfo.tex 2019-09-20.22
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 12:47:25 +0200
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After trying to switch texinfo.tex from 2018-02-12.17 (from automake)
to 2019-09-20.22 (from texinfo) in GNU MPFR, I get the following issue:
If a URL (@url{...}) is split over two lines, the line that ends with
the first part of the URL is no longer justified in the paragraph.

Simple example "mpfr.texi":

\input texinfo    @c -*-texinfo-*-
@end iftex

In case of problem, please read the @file{INSTALL} file carefully
before reporting a bug, in particular section ``In case of problem''.
Some problems are due to bad configuration on the user side (not
specific to MPFR)@. Problems are also mentioned in the FAQ



  texi2dvi --pdf --batch --build-dir=mpfr.t2p -o mpfr.pdf mpfr.texi

to generate the PDF file.

I've attached 2 PDF files:
  * mpfr-2018.pdf obtained with texinfo.tex 2018-02-12.17 (OK);
  * mpfr-2019.pdf obtained with texinfo.tex 2019-09-20.22 (bad).

Vincent Lefèvre <address@hidden> - Web: <https://www.vinc17.net/>
100% accessible validated (X)HTML - Blog: <https://www.vinc17.net/blog/>
Work: CR INRIA - computer arithmetic / AriC project (LIP, ENS-Lyon)

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