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Re: Emacs texinfo-format-buffer and Info file without tag table

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: Emacs texinfo-format-buffer and Info file without tag table
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 11:03:53 +0200

>>>>> On Fri, 22 Jul 2022 10:42:06 +0200, Patrice Dumas <pertusus@free.fr> said:

    Patrice> Hello,
    Patrice> This may be a question to Emacs developpers instead, but my guess 
    Patrice> that most may be on this list too, and that it is relevant to 
    Patrice> this issue in the context of this list, because it is actually an 
    Patrice> format issue.

    Patrice> In the Texinfo manual it is said, in "Tag Files and Split Files" 
    Patrice>   If a Texinfo file has more than 30,000 bytes, 
texinfo-format-buffer automatically creates a tag table for its Info file

    Patrice> Which means that it the Texinfo file has less than 30,000 bytes, 
    Patrice> won't be any tag table.  Is it still true?  If it is not true, I 
    Patrice> update the documentation.

Itʼs not been true for a while now:

    commit 1c87ab3195c32bfabd9533125961eed5f32d8215
    Author: Richard M. Stallman <rms@gnu.org>
    Date:   Mon Jul 6 00:12:33 1998 +0000

        (texinfmt-version): Update version.
        number which is used in header of texinfmt-produced Info files.
        (texinfo-format-buffer): Now always tagify, on accout of @anchor.
        (texi-format-region): Always tagify.
        (texi2info):          Always tagify
        (texinfo-anchor):     Add @anchor command as place to which
                 a cross reference may go.
        (texinfo-no-refill-regexp): Add smalldisplay, smallformat
        (texinfo-format-uref):            New command: @uref
        (texinfo-format-var):             New command: @acronym
        (texinfo-format-code):            New commands: @command, @env, @url.
        (texinfo-format-option):          New command: @option
        (texinfo-format-example):         New command: @smalldisplay
        (texinfo-format-flushleft):       New command: @smallformat
        (texinfo-discard-line-with-args): New commands: @novalidate, @pagesize,
        @setcontentsaftertitlepage, @setshortcontentsaftertitlepage.


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