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Re: behavior of @math with HTML output

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: behavior of @math with HTML output
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 09:05:14 +0100

On Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at 10:08:17PM -0700, Raymond Toy wrote:
> Hmm, my default browser is Firefox.  The output looks right, but I didn't
> check to see how it was actually rendered.  I think texinfo 6.8 mathjax
> uses the SVG output instead of CHTML.  Not sure why that is and if it
> really matters or not.  (In my own stuff, I've used CHTML).

It references


by default.  You can read about different configurations here:


However, note the following (from the Texinfo manual):

     URL of the MathJax component file (e.g. ‘tex-svg.js’) you are
     using.  ‘texi2any’ provides a default value for this variable, but
     you are encouraged to host this file yourself on your website so
     that you are not dependent on others’ hosting.

     A URL of the full source code in its preferred form for
     modification, or instructions for obtaining such source code, for
     the component file named by ‘MATHJAX_SCRIPT’.  ‘Preferred form for
     modification’ means that this should not be in a ‘minified’ form.
     Used in the license labels page (*note HTML Customization
     Variables::, under ‘JS_WEBLABELS’).

     Again, ‘texi2any’ provides a default value for this variable, but
     you are encouraged to host the source code for MathJax and its
     dependencies yourself.  This is in order to make the source code
     available reliably, and to reduce you and your users’ dependence on
     others’ distribution systems.

Thus, in Texinfo's own web manuals, we host tex-svg.js together with
the rest of the files.


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