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Re: Fw: java.lang.Constructor conformance

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Fw: java.lang.Constructor conformance
Date: 13 Aug 2001 16:17:00 -0600

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Roberts <address@hidden> writes:

Dave> 1. Make sure we file the bug on Sun's site to force them to
Dave> clarify which is correct, their docs or their code.

Do you have to agree to anything in order to do this?
I can't agree to many things Sun wants, e.g. the SCSL.
If I need to do this to enter a bug, then that is not an option for me :-(

Dave> 2. Implement an environment variable that can be set from the
Dave> JVM command line to invoke the desired behavior . I don't know
Dave> what should be default behavior, though, Sun's current
Dave> implementation (e.g., use -DPEDANTIC=true for the other) or the
Dave> documented behavior (e.g., use -DJDK_COMPATIBILITY=true for Sun
Dave> compatiblity). Depending on my mood, I could go either way.

I think this is not really viable as an approach.  What if I use
multiple libraries in my application?  Then changing the
implementation of something like java.lang.Class could break other
parts of the code.

Sun did a pretty good job on the VM spec.  Too bad they blew it on the


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