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build ideas

From: Brian Jones
Subject: build ideas
Date: 16 Oct 2001 23:26:27 -0400
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I'm seeking suggestions or ideas from individuals about how they would
like to be able to build Classpath.  I guess two cases exist, building
from CVS and building from a release.  I'll start the discussion with my
suggestions but I'm hoping for others and some concensus at the end.

Like other GNU projects, I would like to continue to use the
automake/autoconf system for driving the compilation of Classpath.
For releases I'd like to continue to distribute compiled .class files
and generated JNI headers.  I want CVS builds to generate JNI headers
and .class files relying only on free software.  There exists a need
within our community to generate .class files without compiling native
libraries and I'd like that to be easier... it seems to me that to be
successful this must be faster than 'jikes -d /tmp `find java gnu
vm/reference -regex ".*\.java$"` or some working equivalent.

Additions?  Contrary notions?  Devil's advocate?

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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