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Re: Thoughts on 'reference classes'

From: Stephen Crawley
Subject: Re: Thoughts on 'reference classes'
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 10:43:48 +1000

> Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > > I've been working on a new JVM and trying to figure out how
> > > modify the "vm/reference" classpath classes into something that
> > > this JVM particular can support.
> > 
> > Fun! Do you have specific needs that non of the current ones fullfill or
> > do you just like the challenge?
> The main reason is that I just want one of my own for the fun of it! :-)
> That also means I understand it and can debug it competently if something
> breaks. Other motivations are portability/suitabilty for use on embedded
> systems. E.g. I'm tired of programming in C all the time when programming
> in Java would be so much nicer, but is not practical for various reasons.

None of that explains why it would be a good idea to impose your changes
on other Classpath-based projects.  I've no problem with you having fun
with "vm/reference", but I'd object to being burdened with tracking the
results in Kissme ... unless there was a clear benefit overall.

-- Steve

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