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RE: Class loader optimization patch

From: Sascha Brawer
Subject: RE: Class loader optimization patch
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:47:48 +0100

Jeroen Frijters <address@hidden> wrote on Tue, 4 Mar 2003 13:57:57 +0100:

>Class loading is just very slow on ikvm,
>because it has to convert the Java classes into .NET classes and then
>the .NET runtime has to load those, plus the fact that my
>verifier/compiler isn't very fast either and I probably have to load
>more classes than the Sun VM (because I cannot be as lazy as I would
>like to, due to the design of the dynamic code generation support in

Couldn't you cache the result of the conversion? You might find [1] an
interesting paper: It discusses caching the results of a JIT compiler.
The dependency tracking might possibly be applicable to your situation as
well (I'm not sure, though -- the Common Language Runtime might already
do this for you). Or maybe, you could generate a CLI assembly for an
entire JAR file when a class is requested through your JAR ClassLoader
for the first time.

Best regards,

-- Sascha Brawer

[1] Mauricio Serrano, Rajesh Bordawekar, Sam Midkiff, and Manish Gupta.
Quicksilver: A Quasi-Static Compiler for Java. In Proceedings of the
Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and
Applications (OOPSLA '00), Minneapolis, MN, USA. October 2000. http://

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